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About Publicity Bureau Studios

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Our Values

Innovate. Collaborate. Inspire. Our Values, Your Success.

Clarity through simplicity

Smart solutions are clear, and they work. We unveil the essence and remove the noise.

Inspire to inspire

We believe in fostering a work place that is focused around the people that make it possible. From inspiration to stress free working.

Ideas are everything

For work to resonate through all channels, you need a great idea. A concept that achieves authenticity.

Attention to detail

We believe that every difficulty deserves our fullest attention for a fitting and considerate result.

Evaluate & iterate

We're always evaluating and measuring to create more effective products And when it makes sense, we take oction.


Meet Our Creative Minds: Talented Individuals Driving Innovation

  • Navaim Naeem

    Managing Director

  • Zayan Salih


  • Ibrahim Jinad

    Director of Operations

  • Aishath Jumana

    Chief Operating Officer

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